“Spiky” (Christine Massa) is founder and CEO of Spiky Music Group, which comprises Spiky Publishing, Spiky Records, Spiky Management, and Spiky Studios.


Steered by one of the most creative, innovative and forward-thinking people in today’s music industry, it all started to “spin” for Spiky in 2009 – and has ever since propelled upward with rocket speed, to bring recordings all the way to Platinum status.


A GOLD and PLATINUM award winning publisher – Spiky received BMI’s 2014 Writer of the Year award. With her “natural ear for talent”, she sources, develops & works personally with her handpicked artists. They not only have to be able to perform, but they must know who they are as an artist as well as write their own music that’s true to their inner self.


Her ability to create collaborative-efforts, and Executively Produce everything that is signed to Spiky Records, results in a high-quality finished product presented to the world “Spiky Style.”


Spiky’s goal is to coach and develop the artistically-given gifts of artists and deliver them to the music industry as leaders. Spiky has been quoted: “Everyone on my roster must be a mature, professional, drug free and self-directed business minded human being”. This guarantees a well-rounded, strongly balanced and educated artist, possessing knowledge of the industry.

Anyone who has been ‘groomed’ by Spiky and her organization emerges prepared for the job, and clearly understands what it takes to reach “super star level” in the business – guaranteeing the artist can be quickly mainstreamed into the industry with success, recognized and respected by other publishers and record labels, that brings value to outside projects. Spiky’s methodology results in a company-wide brand, immediately recognized by all.


Spiky has several artists signed to Spiky Publishing: Knucklehead, producer/composer of the PLATINUM SINGLE “I Luv This Shit”; as well as singer-songwriter Adiah – and the newest addition to Spiky Records, super-talent Reggae Fusion artist, Da Professor.


Spiky Music Group is not just a traditional, full-service music entertainment and management company. It’s dedicated to a mission that Spiky insists upon, and that she adheres to, closely: “I develop talented, real, artists that can jump into a well-earned leadership role, and deliver high-quality music to record labels and publishers each and every time, with professionalism”. Spiky’s hands-on coaching enables Spiky Music Group to deliver unparalleled quality music worldwide.


Spiky does it “Spiky’s Way” – managing her empire with great passion & dedication. Her solid nontraditional business model gives her companies consistent quality output every time. Her approach – when applied to all the Spiky Music Group’s divisions, accelerates output and lowers overall cost.

Spiky has traveled the world personally and professionally, cultivating solid relationships in a myriad of industries. The Spiky way is the only way to produce a product that can be deemed world quality.


Spiky is also deeply passionate about her continuing, humanitarian mission to effect world change. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of The Stop The Abuse Foundation, whose purpose is to raise public awareness about and put an end to the “epidemic” of domestic violence and abuse. Her dedication to implement the Foundation’s goals is moving forth at mock speed. Her compassion for people, and the Foundation’s humanitarian efforts, will literally change lives.