Spiky Management

Spiky_Management_LogoFar from the ordinary and definitely not a traditional full-service entertainment and management company. It’s dedicated to a mission that Spiky insists upon, and is set in stone: “to develop talented artists that can jump into a well-deserved leadership role, and to deliver to her clients and colleagues quality output every time – with confidence and professionalism”. Spiky provides an extremely high level of education and coaching to her team, enabling them to deliver her unparalleled quality of works and music, worldwide.


Spiky takes more of a consultant approach when developing her artists, so she can deliver a well-rounded, more strongly balanced and educated artist covering all aspects of the industry. Anyone who has been ‘groomed’ by Spiky and her organization, emerges thoroughly prepared for the job and clearly understands what it takes to reach “star level” in this business.


Spiky’s goal is to create leaders that are team players who can handle whatever comes their way. This guarantees a perfect product that can be quickly mainstreamed into the industry. As a result the company-wide brand is imprinted on the entire organization and recognized immediately, worldwide.